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Celltantao® is Art of Feeling, true power of Energy. We - a team of body therapeuts – share the ability to pass on to you a sense of wellbeing and lust for sensation. We are "worshippers of the human body" and we would like to let you explore yourself through us. Celltantao® provides sentient shelter for such undertaking. You find the Celltantao® Institute in the Rhein-Main-area, only a few walking minutes away from the main station Rüsselsheim (near Frankfurt am Main), at Neckarstraße 4. We are uncomplicated and available for appointments from 10 to 21 Uhr. Please contact us via telephone at +49 (0) 61 42 - 83 66 558 The Celltantao® Treatment is rooted in the traditional women secrets of Sri Lanka. So Celltantao® has grown from female roots to prosper into a very ramified tree. Celltantao® Treatments are - depending on the respective therapeut - partly inspired by Ayurveda, Tao, Reiki, Shiatsu, Tibetian art as well as Tai Chi elements. This energy- and bodywork opens up your inner spaces for trustful encounters with yourself. When you are touched in the placidity of your inner depth, you find confidence and regain healing strength. Our Art of Feeling combines the therapeuts' multi-faceted experience and abilities, allows them to meet your wishes and to create a very individual time in the Celltantao® Institute for you.

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