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Vivianne Simerick

Celltantao® Traditional Treatment therapist Shamanic Praction. My deep, sensual touch guides you to the essence of your very own being. In natural ecstasy, you get acquainted with your inner source of power and you find the freedom to understand the meaning of your life. ...For treatments, meet me in the Celltantao® Institute. Simply call and ask for me:

+49 (0) 61 42 - 83 66 558

For my Celltantao schedule times, please refer directly via cell phone: 0049 174 - 21 67 669 or via e-mail: vivianne(at) "The cells remember their origin, the begin. It is magic to transform this powerful energy. I move between the worlds, explore the arcane in order to fill life with colour, movement and exhilarating fragrances. The art of designing, to be wise, arousing, dangerous, healing - that's the gripping adventure of magic as I live it." - trained by Angaangaq, shaman from Greenland ( - trained by Iranganie Yayasekera, Ayurveda specialist on Sri Lanka ( in Ayurvedic, Tibetian and women healing massage

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